Demo ReelChance Chamberlain
00:00 / 01:19

The Other One Radio Show Sweeper: 00:00-00:17

   - The Other One is a radio show that I hosted every Friday at 4PM on UCM The Beat. This is a show sweeper that ran at the very beginning of each show that I did.

UCM The Beat Radio Sweeper: 00:18-00:28

   - UCM The Beat is the campus internet radio source where students would broadcast their radio shows. This is a snippet of a 30 second sweeper that I made that played at the top of the hour and in the middle of every hour long show that I produced.

DMP Broadcast Lab Commercial: 00:29-00:41

   - This is a commercial that I produced and voiced for the DMP Broadcast Labs on campus. This was a thirty second commercial that highlighted important information that was to be known when using the facilities.

JDS Detail and Tint Radio Commercial: 00:42-00:54

   - JDS Detail and Tint is a small business from Harrisonville, Missouri. I reached out to the owner to create him a minute long commercial that was radio ready. The commercial addresses all of their services as well as their contact information to set up an appointment and to discuss pricing.

Superbowl Package Voice Over: 00:55-01:19

   - The Superbowl Package voice over was for a multicam show called "The Sports Qaurter". This package highlighted the Chiefs' historic victory in Superbowl 54. 

(All projects were written, produced, and voiced by me.)

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